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Why People Are Switching To Nitrile Ower Latex Gloves

As we have talked about before on the blog here at Your Glove Source, we've seen a huge spike in the use of nitrile gloves rather than latex gloves, especially within the medical industry.

However, with nitrile and Latex Gloves being so similar in fit, comfort, and protection, what is the cause of this huge shift in glove choice?

Latex Allergies

The number one biggest reason that individuals, companies, or even industries make the switch from latex to nitrile is because of the presence of latex allergies. Latex is made from a natural rubber, and some of the natural proteins that are inherent in that natural product cause mild to severe allergic reactions.

Many times the allergic reactions are mild, including skin irritation, discomfort and itchiness. However, in the most severe cases, people who suffer from a latex allergy can fall into anaphylactic shock.

Since latex allergies are so aggravating, and because you do not always know who has a latex allergy, often times it is best to avoid latex all together. This holds particularly true in the medical industry because doctors and nurses, who are required to wear gloves when assisting patients, are coming in contact with hundreds if not thousands of individuals, and they do not want to trigger an allergic reaction in an unsuspecting person.

If you're looking for more information on latex allergies, you can check out our recent blog.

Nitrile is Best

If latex needs to be avoided, then Nitrile Gloves are the best alternative; some might even say that nitrile is better altogether than latex. In nearly every industry and application, individuals need or want to wear gloves while working.

Nitrile Exam Gloves

Gloves are the barrier that protects your hands and skin from unwanted substances like chemicals, oils, and other fluids; not to mention minor cuts and scrapes. Nitrile gloves provide superior protection against chemicals, fluids, cuts, and punctures and on top of that they do not cause the type of allergic reactions that are a result of latex.

6 Mistakes Avoid Washing Women Hair Wigs

Taking care of your human hair wigs is one of the most important things black women need to do. But we are not sure whether all women are aware that taking care of wigs is also very important. Otherwise, they will experience some of the negative effects on their natural hair.

Therefore, you need to learn how to take care of human hair wigs properly. How to avoid the mistakes when you washing your human hair wigs. Today, Julia hair will share some mistakes avoiding to make your hair wigs last longer and soft.

Making these mistakes can lead to the complete ruining of the hairpiece. In some cases, when the damaged wigs are worn, you can inflict some damage to your natural hair. So, you should be careful when you want to maintain the proper quality of your wigs. As you can imagine, there are a plethora of different wigs you can find on the hair market.

In case you would like to take a look at some of the potential hairstyles for you, pay a visit to Julia's hairand see which one fits you the best. Some types of hairpieces require an original way of maintenance. Anyhow, let us take a look at some of the commonest mistakes that are made when wigs are washed.

Without further hesitate, let us discuss about it.

1. Not Using Proper Hair Products To Wash.

We can see that one of the commonest mistakes done by women who wash their wigs is that they use regular soaps and shampoos. Without any doubt, using these means that this can result in damaging them. The reason is that these hair products are made of chemicals that can have some pretty negative results on the state of your natural hair wigs.

Therefore, you need to look for some special hair products that can provide your wigs with nutrition. There are a lot of hair products you can use for these. Check the brand with their reviews and experiences, and you will be able to find something that fits the needs of your hairpiece the best.

water wave headband wigs

2. Not Detangling it Before Washing

It doesn’t matter if you are washing your extensions or natural human hair, you need to make sure that you’ve detangled it before you wash it. This can be done by applying gentle touches with a comb. As it is the case with long and thick hair, this is especially popular with really long wigs, which are pretty common.

In case you are not a fan of natural wigs, you will be happy to hear that synthetic ones are much easier to detangle. So, you will not be required to invest a lot of time into making it in a proper state before washing. That way, you will be able to avoid all the negativeness that can be experienced if this is not done in a proper way.

curly headband wigs

3. Scrub it Too Much

When you are washing your wig, you need to have gentle moves by your finger not nails, that will not inflict further damage to it. As you can imagine, the more you wear it, the less durable it will be. We can all agree that this is a natural thing for all of the human hair wigs.

However, when you are not washing it in a proper way, by applying some harsh moves and scrubbing it without any limitation, you can be sure that you can face some damage to it. This is one of the fastest ways you can damage these pretty quickly. So, you will need to buy another one pretty quickly if you are not careful. So, everyone needs to be aware of this fact.

body wave headband wigs

4. Washing it with Hot Water

Maybe it sounds surprising, but washing your hairpiece with hot water can produce some negative effects. Therefore, make sure that you wash them with cold water. This is a pretty important thing to know since some of the wigs cannot stand being washed with hot water. Basically, it all depends on the material used for the creation of these.

But you should be aware that pretty much all of the materials cannot stand it. Many women don’t know that hot water can inflict some really bad effects on the fibers on your hairpiece. So, if you are not in the mood for shopping for a new one, you should make sure that you don’t wash it with hot water. They are not real mink hair vendors, after all, right?

highlight lace wig

5. Wrapping it in a towel to absorb the water.

Surprisingly, we can see that one of the commonest things people do when washing wigs is that they wrap it in a towel with the aim of drying it faster. But it should be said that this is a pretty bad thing to do.

The reason is that wrapping it in a towel can result in wefts, which can inflict long-term damage to the wig. Instead of doing this, you need to dry it carefully and left it to dry it out in the air, in a natural way. This way, you will prevent all of the negatives that can happen over time.

straight lace front wigs

6. Brushing Wet Hair

The commonest mistake people make when maintaining a hair wig is brushing it while it’s still wet. We can see that this is one of the commonest tips you can see on a wide array of different lists when you look for this kind of tips online. There is a good reason for that. The reason is that being wet is not a natural state for these.

Therefore, brushing them while in this state will surely inflict some negatives down the road. Some of the things that can happen are for them to frizz, stretch, or even break in some cases. So, you need to be completely aware of this fact. Otherwise, you will be shopping for a completely new wig before you know it. Made sure that they are completely dry before you start brushing.

In Conclusions

Human hair wigs can be pretty touchy sometimes. Therefore, you invest all of your efforts into not making mistakes that can inflict some serious damage to them. Here, we've provided you some of the commonest mistakes people make when washing them. Thanks for reading and sharing your experience with protecting your hair wigs.

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Ženske Tašne Katarina - Sinonim za kvalitet

Svakoj devojci potrebna je nova torba bez obzira na količinu koja je čeka u ormaru. Novi model, boja, zanimljiv dezen, pristupačna cena i kvalitet su jedni od mnogih razloga koji nas privuku na kupovinu nove tašne.
A i kako ne bi kada nas stalno bombarduju sa novim trendovima. No bez obzira na to, smatram da je dobro investirati u dobar i kvalitetan model, jer se takva kupovina uvek isplati.
Kao ljubitelj tašni stalno sam u potrazi za dobrom torbom, bilo da se radi o kupovini iz fotelje ili obilasku radnji. Obzirom na trenutnu situaciju online kupovine su mi izbor i zbog toga danas želim sa vama da podelim jedan instagram profil koji se bavi prodajom ženskih aksesoara.

Radi se o instagram profilu Ženske Tašne Katarina. Ovde možete pronaći italijanse tašne brendova poput Pierre Cardin,Alex Max,DIANA&CO,Herisson,PHIL,Micussi i Misstar. Pored tašni kod njih možete pronaći kako ženske, tako i muške novčanike, ali i kaiševe i šalove.
Radi se o modelima izuzetno kvalitetne izrade i svaka tašna ima deklaraciju o ispravnosti proizvoda.

Moram priznati da imaju zaista sjajan asortiman i da sam dugo vremena provela na njihovom profilu u razgledanju modela i birajući onaj pravi. Na kraju, izbor je pao da divnu crossbody torbu u kamel boji. 
Ova torba je manjih dimenzija, ali opet dovoljna da u nju stane novčanik, telefon i još neka sitnica. Ima lanac kao kaiš i mislim da joj on daje posebnu notu.
Jako je kvalitetno odrađena, nije podložna habanju i sam model je dosta čvrst.

Mislim da se i na fotografijama vidi da se radi o izuzetno kvalitetnoj torbi.Sam model je jako lep i nije da kažem, strogo elegantan. Može se kombinovati uz apsolutno svaku odevnu kombinaciju. Bilo da se radi o eleganciji ili nekom kežual stilu zagarantovano je da će se dobro uklopiti i dati outfitu posebnu notu. Smatram da je svakoj devojci potreban jedan ovakav model, jedna ovakva boja, jer smo negde videli dosta crnih torbi i vreme je za neke druge boje.

Pored italijanskih brendova, Ženske Tašne Katarina počela je sa prodajom ženskih kaiševa njihove izrade, a uskoro će imati i svoje tašne. Svi modeli biće ručno rađeni od najkvalitetnijih materijala poput domaće goveđe kože i biće unikatni sa svom potrebnom dokumentacijom poput pečata i deklaracije.

Preporučila bih vam da obavezno obratite pažnju na ovaj profil ili ih posetite lično u butiku u Zemunu ul. Mića Radakovića. Skrenula bih vam i pažnju na to da ako vam se svidi neki model, kako ne bi ostali bez njega brzo ga uzmite, jer se kod njih artikli munjevitom brzinom rasprodaju.

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Fitaky - prirodna kozmetika za bebe i mame

Kao roditelju dvoje dece od kojih se za jedno može reći da je još uvek beba, jako mi je bitna njihova nega kože. Smatram da je potrebno početi sa pravilnom negom još od najranijeg doba kako bi njihova koža dobila priliku da bude najpre zdrava, lepa i negovana, a to se može odraziti i na to kakva će im koža biti kada odrastu. 
Pravilna nega kože beba ne podrazumeva samo redovnost u korišćenju određenih preparata, već mnogo uticaja ima i šta koristimo za tu istu negu.
Preparati koje koristimo prilikom kupanja, pranja kose, ali i za negu pelenske regije jako su važni i moramo voditi računa da ne sadrže sastojke koji neće iritirati i isušiti nežnu dečiju kožu. Iz tog razloga za svoju decu uvek biram proizvode koji imaju prirodan sastav, jer uvek je bolje da koristim nešto iz prirode, nego proizvode prepune hemijskog sastava.
Na našem tržištu postoji dosta brendova koji ističu važnost prirodnih proizvoda, a posebno od njih izdvaja se Fitaky
Fitaky odlikuju proizvodi sa 100% prirodnim sastavom i oni su zapravo jedina kompanija u Srbiji koja se sa tim može pohvali.

Naime, Fitaky proizvodi namenjeni su najmladjima, odnosno bebama i deci, kao i osobama koje su sklone alergijama i ekcemima.
U svojoj paleti proizvoda ističu se beby proizvodi, kako za negu, tako i za pranje njihove odeće. Pored toga, Fitaky u svojoj ponudi ima i proizvode za negu mama.

Ono što mi se još dopalo u Fitaky ponudi jeste njihov beby box. Ovaj Fitaky beby box napravljen je sa namerom da obuhvati sve što je potrebno jednoj bebi za potpuno negu. Kako je spakovan u jako lepu kutiju može biti savršen poklon svakoj trudnici ili novorođenčetu.

Fitaky se sa ovim boxom potrudio da obuhvati najbitnije stvari za negu beba, a kako je u njih stavio čistu prirodu obezbedio je sigurnu i zdravu negu. 
Ovaj box sadrži krem gel kupku, šampon za kosu, kremu za negu pelenske regije, kao i maramicu za brisanje, rekla bih sve što je potrebno za bebu kako u prvim danima, tako i kasnije.
Važno je istaći da proizvodi ne sadrže hemikalije, ali i ulja koštunjavog voća koja mogu potencionalni alergeni. Pored toga ne sadrže ni dodatne mirise i boje, tako da ne narušavaju prirodni miris beba.

Fitaky šampon za pranje kose i krem gel za kupanje čine dva proizvoda koja na prirodan način održavaju higijenu tela bebe i nežno peru njenu kosu. Imaju odličan sastav, odnosno krem gel kupka u sebi ima prirodna ulja lavande i nevena, a svi dobro znamo njihove benefite. Neven i lavanda sprečavaju isušivanje nežne dečije kože i na prirodan način pružaju svu potrebnu negu.
Dok šampon u sebi sadrži hidrolat lavande, ulje makadamije, ekstrakt ovsa i biljni glicerin, kao i sastojke koji vode poreklo od ulja kokosa koji su zaslužni da ovaj šampon u kontaktu sa vodom stvara penu.

Oba proizvoda dolaze u pakovanjima od 200ml. Imaju jako lepa pakovanja, bela što odlikuje nežnost, a opet imaju i dečije motive sa detaljima prirode  koji se uklapaju u celu priču koju promoviše Fitaky brend.
Jako mi se svidja i otvarač pakovanja, odnosno klik klak metod koji pored toga što odlično dozira proizvode, sprečava i nepotrebno prosipanje. Mislim da je ovaj klik klak metod dobar kod kupanja malih beba, posebno ako mame to same rade, pa dok se ne uhodaju i kupanjac ne postane uvežbana rutina, ovaj metod otvaranja proizvoda može dosta da pomogne.

Kada smo kod teksture ova dva proizvoda, važno je i da spomenem činjenicu da oni nemaju ni boju ni miris, dakle skroz neutralni i blagi. Krem gel kupka ima izuzetno gelastu teksturu koja u dodiru sa vodom stvara finu penu. Ne isušuje kožu, već je čini na dodir mekanom i nežnom.
Kada se radi o šamponu, ovde imamo nešto gušću teksturu, ali razlog tome je hidrolat lavande, ali i biljni sastav. Međutim, jako dobro pere kosu, lako se ispira i pogodan je i za bebe koje imaju problem sa temenjačom, ali i za decu sa osetljivim vlasištvom. 
Pored toga, smatram i da su pogodni za sve uzraste, ne samo za bebe. 

Još jedan proizvod koji se nalazi u Fitaky Beby boxu je krema za pelensko područije.
Mislim da je Fitaky napravio pravu stvar što je ubacio ovu kremu u svoj box, jer je jako često veoma teško pronaći kremu za negu pelenske regije koja je prirodna, a da pruža adekvatnu negu i ne izaziva iritacije.
Pored pelenske regije, ova beby krema može se koristiti za negu tela i lica.

Fitaky bebi krema je krema koja je sastojcima bazirana na biljnim uljima, ši buteru i pčelinjem vosku. Ne sadrži vodu, parfeme, kao ni mineralna ulja.
Sam sastav koji ima dovodi do toga da je ova prirodna krema jako dobar saborac za negu beba u prvim danima, a i kasnije. Pored toga što štiti i neguje pelensku regiju, ova krema uspešno sanira pelenski osip, ubrzava zarastanje i sprečava upalu. Kako pčelinji vosak deluje umirujuće, krema se može koristiti i na licu i telu kod pojave ekcema, ali i kod suve i grube kože.

Fitaky bebi krema nema miris i boju i prepuna je ulja, a takva joj je i tekstura, uljana. Jako lako se nanosi i razmazuje, a na kožu ostavlja uljani sloj koji je važan za pelensku regiju, posebno pri svakodnevnom korišćenju jednokratnih pelena. Uz to, ova krema je dobra i za malo stariju decu, jer uspešno sanira sve vrste iriracija i crvenila. Vukan je imao problem nakon skidanja pelena kada mu se pojavilo crvenilo i iritacije i mnogo sam krema probala, ali ni jedna nije imala zadovoljavajući efekat. Ovu kremu nanela sam svega par puta i crvenilo i iritacije su nestale. Više nema probleme, ali ja opet s vremena na vreme nanesem mu ovu kremu i znam da više ne moram da se brinem.

Poslednji, ali ne manje važan da kažem proizvod u ovom boxu jeste maramica za brisanje. Ova maramica napravljena je do najfinijeg bambusa.
Namenjena je brisanju beba, jer smo nadam se svi naučili koliko su štetne vlažne maramice i koliko nežnoj bebinoj koži mogu škoditi.

Maramica je izuzetno mekana, nežna i prijatna. Pogodna je za brisanje beba, posebno nakon menjanja pelena.  Lako se pere i održava, tako da se može dugo koristiti. Mala je, pa može stati u svaki beby neseser i možemo je nositi sa sobom. Veoma je praktična za korišćenje, jer uz nju i malo mlake vode svako menjanje pelena je lako. Samo izbrišemo bebu i gotovo. Nakon korišćenja maramica se opere, osuši i pogodna je za ponovno korišćenje.
A kako je ne bi stalno prali i čekali da se osuši, Fitaky uz svaku porudžbinu poklanja maramicu za brisanje.

Fitaky bebi box dostupan je u okviru njihove online prodavnice ( ovde ), ali moram i spomeniti da svaki ovaj proizvod ima mogućnost pojedinačne kupovine. Svi proizvodi su biorazgradivi, veganski i napravljeni su od recikliranog materijala. Uz to, pri kupovini Beby boxa i dostava je gratis, a cena za Fitaky Bebi box -  Dobrodošla bebo je 2650din.

Ovde možete pogledati kako je ovaj box lepo upakovan i da je zaista divan poklon.

* Na početku ovog teksta spomenula sam da Fitaky u svojoj ponudi ima i proizvode za mame, a ja bih želela da vam spomenem njihov uljani serum koji je vredan naše pažnje. Smatram da kada idemo u goste da vidimo bebu uvek treba nešto pokloniti i mami, jer je srećna mama, srećna i beba, a ovaj serum je odličan izbor.

Naime, ovde se radi o Fitaky emolijentnom hidratoru koji se veoma brzo upija i u svom sastavu ima biljni emolijens skvalan i E vitamin. Namenjen je za svakodnevnu upotrebu i pogodan je za sve tipove kože.

Serum dolazi u pakovanju od 30ml i ima pipetu koja veoma olakšava doziranje. Sama pipeta odlično dozira proizvod, a za celo lice, vrat i dekolte dovoljne su svega dve do tri kapi ovog hidratora.

Serum je u potpunosti bez boje i mirisa, a ima vodeno uljanu teksturu koja se veoma brzo upija ostavljajući kožu najpre hidriranom, a zatim i nahranjenom, mekanom i glatkom.
Kako ima umirujuća svojstva, pogodan je i za problematičnu kožu, a kako je i jako nežan odgovaraće i najosetljivijoj grupi.
Jako je dobar za svakodnevnu negu, bilo da ga koristimo ujutru ili uveče zagrantovano je da će koža obožavati ovu mešavinu prirodnih sastojaka.
Pored lica, ovaj serum može se koristiti i na kosi, umesto silikonskih kapi tako što ćemo ga naneti u tanjem sloju na kosu i na krajeve kose.

Cena Emolijentnog seruma je 1260din.

Fitaky proizvode za bebe i mame možete kupiti na njihovom zvaničnom sajtu, poručiti preko telefona 060 700 40 33 ili naručiti preko facebook ili instagram profila.
Dostava je besplatna za porudžbine preko 1260din.
Ukoliko želite lično da kupite Fitaky proizvode, to možete učiniti i u prodavnicama, a spisak radnji gde se nalaze Fitaky proizvodi možete ovde pronaći.

Za šta god da se odlučiti, nećete pogrešiti, jer su Fitaky proizvodi priroda spakovana u bočice, a kako je u ovom moru hemije i sintetičkih sastojaka malo prirode i više nego potrebno, naša koža, kao i koža naših najmlađih biće veoma zahvalna.

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Newchic Black Friday Sale 2021

All shopaholics and fans of good discounts and low prices know that another Black Friday is waiting for us in November, a day intended for shopping with big discounts.
As every year, this year Black Friday falls the day after the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and on the last Friday of the month, which is November 26. It is assumed that this year, due to the coronary virus pandemic, a good part of the discount will be valid online, that is. for online shopping, and discounts are likely to be extended to Sunday and Monday.

Customers who were forced by the pandemic to try online shopping will prefer to avoid the crowds and waiting in line with a mask on their face, so they will use the action in the web store. Due to all this, an increase in online orders is expected.
A survey of buyers and consumers testifies to all of the above, which notes that last year there were as much as 22 percent more online shopping than in previous years.
Online shoppers are here. Last year, she taught them to search for all the information online and to try online shopping. This year, he will not give up those privileges and will seek Black Friday action online. I also belong to this group, where I will look for my catch for Black Friday online, among online sites.
Em, there will be a discount, em I will buy from my armchair without fear of this terrible virus that reigns. Safe and pleasant shopping.
My favorite site Newchic is also planning great promotions and benefits for Black Friday, so I already know where I will spend my money. Of course with them.
I will show you some of my favorites, but also share with you what awaits you on the occasion of Black Friday on this site full of a handful of great things.

A big one awaits us Newchic Black Friday Sale 2021
What we can expect in the offer of this site for the upcoming holiday is the extended duration of the sale, from November 15 until December 6.
In addition, we will have Big Coupons for the entire site, but also up to 70% DISCOUNT for women and men (November 24 - December 6). 
But that is not all that awaits us.
We will also have Flash offers and live streams up to $ 0.99. In addition, the best-selling items will be only $ 4.99. If I add free delivery to all that (November 24 - November 27), I immediately see that my bank account will be empty and my closet will be full.

Let me show you a small part of this site, and at the same time let's look together at what I like the most and what I will buy for Black Friday.

We will start with the womens winter sweater first. I need something nice, warm and comfortable to spend the upcoming winter, and I think sweaters are the best choice.
In addition to warming up the sweater on cold days, it is also a real stylish piece that can be perfectly combined.In addition to being incredibly wearable, they will refresh any of your clothing combinations, especially in this transitional season when you won't have to "cover" yourself with different jackets and coats. This is the right time for your beautiful sweater to come to the fore.And there are a handful of them on this site and they are very beautiful.

Sweaters can be worn over a shirt and with pants, under a blazer, with jeans to achieve a casual style, under or over a dress, while oversized sweaters can also be worn as a dress. Different models of footwear, from shoes to boots and sneakers, can also be easily combined, so we can use them to create various outfits.

If you haven't already thought about buying a sweater, now is the time. Choose the best sweaters from the offer here, add a couple of trendy models and embark on a fashion adventure related to layered, trendy styling!

Let's not forget our men, because there will be a discount of almost 70% for them as well.They have really wonderful men's models of clothes, shoes and accessories on this site, and what I would like to draw your attention to is the mens corduroy hoodie.

Men, in choosing the clothes they wear, in addition to quality and good looks, highly value comfort. Hoodies are at the very top, when comfort and versatility are the criteria. They are designed to be comfortable to wear, comfortable and warm. They combine perfectly with the rest of the wardrobe and fit in with all styles of clothing. They can have an elegant cut, like a classic
or have a relaxed sporty design, with a large hood and kangaroo pocket. They are made of quality materials such as corduroy. Corduroy is soft, elastic and pleasant to the touch, and can have a lining of warm fleece, to provide warmth even on the coldest days. In the transition period, men's hoodies can be worn over T-shirts or they can be a useful middle layer of clothing, when it is cold. They combine perfectly and are worn under a winter jacket. For all those who are dedicated to sports, hoodies are an integral part of training clothes.

As you can see, there are really beautiful models of men's hoodies on this site. The choice is very wide and spacious and I can freely say that our men would be satisfied as well. All hoodies look very nice at first glance, and in addition they are very high quality. The color scheme and cut make it perfect for every man. They are affordable, and if we add a discount for Black Friday, then we can consider buying this sweatshirt a great catch. Um, we're going to save, we're going to make our man happy.

And of course, I can't finish this text without showing you another article that is an absolute hit this season, and is on offer on this site.
Namely, it is about chunky heel boots.You absolutely must have these boots this year and I don't think there is a girl in this world who didn't want to have them in her wardrobe.

Like any other type of footwear - boots with a chunky heel can make a woman's image the most attractive. It must be borne in mind that the boots must be properly selected, because thanks to them you can visually lengthen and make slender legs and give the image an unsurpassed mystery and femininity. These boots are loved by women because of their practicality and ability to wear them anywhere, even at work, even at a party.

As you can see here we have both long and short boots with a chunky heel.These boots are ideal for every day, but there are also those boots that can come in handy when we want to go to a party or to work, and you can definitely find them here.
This would be just a small part of the offer of this site, and believe me, they have a lot of good things.
All items on this site are very high quality and very affordable. If we take into account the discount that will be on the occasion of Black Friday, shopping on this site is a great opportunity to catch a very good piece at a phenomenal price.

I would also recommend that you be sure to follow Nevchic Black Friday live broadcast: https://www.nevchic.com/live.html?Utmid= 15727

(Live broadcasts will start on November 16 and 24. You can also watch them on Nevchic facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveNevchic

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четвртак, 11. новембар 2021.

Šta sam to potrošila u proteklom periodu?

Potrošeni proizvodi - tekst koji kod drugih blogera najviše volim da čitam. Ne znam zašto su mi ti tekstovi zanimljivi, valjda zbog činjenice da tek kada potrošimo neki proizvod steknemo pravi utisak, odnosno znamo da li je taj proizvod vredan našeg novca.

Jedno vreme sam i ja aktivno pisala ovakve teksove, ali sam prestala, jer sam počela da vam ih pokazujem na svom instagram profilu u okviru story objava. Međutim, sada mi se nakupilo dosta proizvoda, a kako su većina izuzetno dobri proizvodi, odlučila sam da napišem blog tekst. 
U nastavku možete videti šta sam sve potrošila i koji su moji konačni utisci.
Krenućemo najpre od nege lica i to od umivalica i tonika.
Primetićete da imam dosta potrošenih Medical Plants proizvoda i to je sa dobrim razlogom. Naime, MP proizvodi su izuzetno kvalitetni, pristupačni, imaju sjajno delovanje i zauzimaju 50% moje rutine nege.

Medical Plants AloeVera Pantenol blagi gel za umivanje je moj favorit kada su u pitanju umivalice. Proizvod sjajnog sastava i toliko je blag i nežan prema koži, da vam ne mogu opisati. Iako je blag i nežan, on izuzetno dobro očisti kožu i pripremi je za naredne korake u nezi. Jednostavno, morate ga probati! A kada ga probate sigurna sam da ćete nastaviti iznova i iznova da ga kupujete.

Farmasi Pure Rose gel za umivanje sa ružinom vodicom je jedan jako lep kataloški proizvod. Lepo čisto kožu, stvara blagu penu i ima malo jači miris ruže. Jedina mana mu je pakovanje, jer mislim da u ovom slučaju nije praktično. Daleko bolje bi bilo da ima pumpicu.

Medical Plants Derma Spray je spas u pravi čas. Jedan multifunkcionalan proizvod i ja sam ga koristila kao toner, za osvežavanje kože, kod svih iritacija i nakon depilacije. Jako lepo osveži, hidrira i umiri kožu. Ne znam šta bih da ga nemam, jer od kada ga koristim apsolutno nemam problema sa iritacijama. Otvoreno novo pakovanje.

Od seruma potrošila sam Revox serum sa hijaluronskom kiselinom. Dostupan je u okviru ponude Alexandar cosmetics-a, a ako me sećanje dobro služi, ostale Revox serume imate u DM drogerijama.
Ovaj serum ima divnu teksturu i koža ga brzo upija. Odlično hidrira kožu i još bolje se slaže sa kiselinama. Veoma je povoljan i imate moju preporuku. Sigurna sam da ću ga nekad ponovo kupiti.

Od krema, potrošila sam dve Medical Plants kreme, MP Anti-Age kremu sa matičnim ćelijama zelene jabuke i MP AloeVera Pantenol gel kremu.

MP Anti-Age krema sa matičnim ćelijama zelene jabuke jako lepo mi je hidrirala kožu i osvežavala u toplim danima. Uz nju, koža mi je bila jako mekana i glatka.

MP AloeVera Pantenol gel krema je super za sve sa osetljivom kožom sklonoj iritacijama. Zbog svog sastava i nemasne teksture pogoda je za sve tipove kože. 
Obe kreme su izuzetno dobre i generalno sa Medical Plants kremama nemate greške.

Od proizvoda za negu kose potrošila sam dva šampona i to Helenton šampon za dubinsko pranje kose i Palmolive šampon za maslinama.

Helenton šampon je odličan i ne znam koliko sam ih do sada potrošila. Jako lepo pere kosu i kako je namenjen dubinskom pranju, nisam ga koristila prilikom svakog pranja, već par puta mesečno.

Palmolive šamponi su jako fini, povoljni su i sasvim solidno peru kosu. Kad god ih nadjem, uvek kupim.

Od prskalica imam dva super proizvoda.
Prvi je Amika sprej za dodatni volumen kose i zaštitu od toplote. Daje fenomenalan volumen, bukvalno kosu odigne od temena. Apsolutno sam oduševljena i ogroman plus za odličnu pumpicu. Iako je na skupljoj cenovnoj strani vredi svaki dinar.

Medical Plants Sprej za rast kose je proizvod koji zaista ima efekat kada je rast kose u pitanju. Jako dobro pospešuje rast kose, a pored toga veoma dobro neguje kosu, daje joj sjaj i mekoću. Uz to, odličan je za rasčešljavanje kose.

Kada smo kod proizvoda za negu tela tu imam dva proizvoda, veliku Dove kupku i FitoCea kremu.

Ja sam neko ko voli Dove kupke i verna sam im. Volim njihovu kremstu teksturu i puderast miris. Uglavnom ih kupujem na sniženju i stalno kupim drugu. Ovo je onaj klasičan Dove i svi smo ga koristili.

FitoCea krem je jedna odlična krema. Ima takvu teksturu da pruža odličnu negu, a brzo se upija. Veoma je dobra za negu kože koja ima problem sa atiopiskim dermatitisom.
Jako brzo sam je potrošila i veoma sam uživala u korišćenju.

I za kraj imamo balzam za usne. Nega usana mi je jako bitna i ne propuštam korišćenje balzama. Balzam koji sam potrošila je Epoch lips sa kokosom. Kako volim kokos u svim oblicima, uživala sam u korišćenju. Nije masan, a opet pruža dobru negu. Uz njega nisam imala problem sa ispucalim usnama, a kako je ovo prirodan balzam, imate sve preporuke.

Medical Plants proizvode možete kupiti na njihovom zvaničnom sajtu ili potražiti u bolje snabdevenim apotekama.
Farmasi proizvode možete poručiti kod Veki na njenom instagram profilu.
Revox serum dostupan je u okviru ponude Alexandar cosmetics-a.
Helenton i Palmolive šamponi su deo asirtimana svakog većeg marketa.
Amika sprej za kosu dostupan je u DM drogeriji, ali i u Alexandar cosmetics-u.
Dove kupke bukvalno imate na svakom mestu, marketu, apotekama i drogerijama, a FitoCea krem dostupan je u apotekama ili na online na sajtovima apoteka Vegapharm i Apoteka Online.
Kokos lips od Epoch možete poručiti preko njihovog zvaničnog instagram profila.

Nadam se da vam se svidja ovaj tip teksta i da ste uživali u čitanju.  Uskoro se vraćam sa novim tekstom i novim temama.